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We take pride in our custom made creations. Bring in your special design and our pastry chef will be more than happy to assist you.

    Berry Berry   Team Baseball   Patter of Feet
       Belmont  Miss Crown   Buttons & Bows
        Lolla        Verona         Isabel
 Lizzy Dizzy Baby     Calypso       Bat and Ball
      Pageant    Monkey Baby         Henley
      Mimosa         Drum     Bundle of Joy
      Aster        Ginger         Piccolo
     Mulberry     Baby Marvel   Stars and Curly Cues
     PiggyLizzy Dizzy with Bow        Suzanna
  Veggie Delight       Lucena           Brio
   Hiding Monkey  Aquatic Friends      Gold Embrace
   Candle   Dearest Friend       Birthday Bow
  Red Baseball Hat      Clementine      Clown Dots
 Tiffany Box with Bow       Box with Tag    Sweet Pea
 Pompano       Leo      AliceLizzy Dots #66  Wizard
 Party On  Pink DressLizzy Dizzy Present    Carla 2    Tent
Circus Pintuck      Uptown     Tickle       Trinidad
 Fondant Curls   Star Fun      Polly    Scarlett   Fedora
Baby Aurora       Zita  Lucinda    Harliquin    Lullaby
    Duchess  Cobblestone    Kayo         Military
  Dominica   Carnival  Lizzy Dots Red,Black,White Whimsical
Playful Friends  Cow-Poke     Magnolia     Raindrop Paisley
Jungle Motif   Harliquin    Pasadena      Kilgarry
  SunnymeadPeppermint Candy  Carousel Bumble Bee

3 D Characters

 Trinidad ElephantHumpty DumptyMother Goose         Spider
Pink Baby Elephant      Lion       Olivia     Bumble Bee
   PanamaDark Brown Bear  Carousel Kids  Carousel Kids

Fondant Flat Charaters

     Barn           Rhonda            Rosen         
      Pony with Hat

Sculptured Design Cakes

    Bobby Sock        Car Cake       Electra
  Chef Hat    Publication            Zandor
 Cowboy/Girl Hat       Hat & Bat         Strawberry
      Serenade   Purse with Box       Tea Pot
      Lullaby Baby   Hiding Baby     Bowling Ball
 Rubba-Dub   Wrapped Package             Rolling Pin
    Soccer Ball     Tiffany Box            Carla
         Shoe Box             New Mommy
           Boots            Sneakers     Bottle
     Brentwood       Soho Booties              Pillow
 St. Patrick Hat        Leather Jacket  Shirt Short Sleeve
Shirt Long Sleeve Publication Single               Golf Bag


Be sure to bring in your picture if you do not see it here.

 Fondant Custom Designs
 any color-different styles
        Bow #1      Flowers      Marble Design
         Stars        Bow #2      Flowers
     Bow #3     Bow #4    Tiffany Bow
       Daisy      Stars         Bow #5
   Bow #5      Bow #6    Bow #7
       Bow #8        Bow #9    Bow #8
    Tiffany Bow #2