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For all of the cake flavors, filling flavors, and other additional ingredients, please check the list in the Wedding section.

Choc European  Choc LayerRaspberry European  Amy's Delight 
    Coconut       Carrot   Choc BananaCookies n' Cream
     Dream   Cheesecake   Lemon Chiffon Truffle Mousse
     Lemon   Cheesecake      Dobash     Tiramisu
  Chocolate  Red Velvet  CombinationRed Velvet Cheesecake
 Fudge Delight Choc Mousse Black ForestStrawberry Shortcake
         Rum  German Chocolate Dark Chocolate Icing


A 24 hours notices is required for custom cake orders to make sure you get the cake flavor and decoration that you prefer.
A longer time notice is required for any fondant decorations. Please call the store for more information regarding fondant decorations/ icing.
Store cake availability varies. 
-White cake with lemon filling
-Marble cake with chocolate pudding filling
-Chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling
-White cake with strawberry preserves

These cakes are available in 6", 8" or 1/4 sheet

Cakes made by order

Check with us.  We have many cake decorations to compliment your special day.

We offer computer imaging on cakes - just bring in your favorite picture! (Please be aware that the picture needs to be a wallet size or bigger depending on cake size)

 Please check our display for candles (24packs, numbers, magic, spraklers) and cake servers.

 We have an in-store catalog for more decoration options.

Regular size
Mini size
Plain or
Cupcake Wrappers

We have many available designs.
This are pre-order only....
Check with your sales person on availability.
      Popcorn      Cone

Cupcake Cakes

Cupcake cakes can be
made in a variety of shapes,
letters, numbers or
special occasion designs.
(Restrictions apply to the amount of cupcakes used depending on design)
Large Cupcake Cakes. 
These do have a basic filling in them.


         Baby   Butterfly          Monkey
Gel Images will require
customer to please
bring in own Picture!


The picture must be
5" x 7" minimum.
Imperfections will
copy (creases and
 Please note that a
 Black & White picture
 when copied, may
 produce a pink or peach
We also offer some
in-store Edible Image
Please call or walk in!

Special Order Cakes

   RegencyWith This Ring   With This Ring
    Baseball     Vermont       Vineyard
    Dodgers      Safari        Record
   Lace is
of edible
   Buggy          Party Dress   

 Stacked Record    Pink Sotas  Edible Image


 Baby Love   Onesie 1   Onesie 2
      Sweater        Mosaic Butterfly              Sports
  Lady Bug Cake     Lady Bug Garden  Mosaic Butterfly
    GirlieGirls Night  Batik Babe
   Nurse    Number      Number

       Lakers        Chocolate Love       Camouflage AirBrush
         Music  Lady Bug and Flowers      Cactus and Chili
     T. V. Star      Elegance        Island Bloom
        Poker    Happy Lady Bug         Book
     Peace Sign              Sports Field         Charming
   Sea Creatures     Cactus and Chili
   First Communion   First Communion
 First Communion     
 Doll CakesBring in your favorite
doll and design her dress
in your special colors.

    Doll Cake    Doll Cake
  Doll Cake   Doll Cake