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Bread and Bakery Items
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       HealthChalla with seeds   Challa Raisin
     Marble Rye      Cinnamon      Sourdough
       Corn Rye     Pumpernickel     Baquette
              Egg    Sheepherder
Breadsticks Plain or
Cheese by the bag
   Bagel Chips by the bag
     Water Bagel
other flavors: Cheese,
Cinnamon Raisin,Cranberry,
Egg, Onion and
  Onion Bagel
  Cream cheese, butter,
  or jelly is available.
  Bagels can be
  sliced and toasted.
         Butterflake      Onion
       Cheese     Sourdough

Bakery Items
      Brownie   Chocolate Chip Cigar    Turnovers
   Yum Yum BundtPineapple Upside Down  
   Apple Danish   Lemon Danish         Biscotti
  Chocolate Chip 
   Coffee Cake 
    Bear Claw
  Coffee Cake
  Butter Pecan Ring        Biscotti      Quesadilla
  Chocolate Pound
  Cranberry Pound
     Lemon Nut
     Coffee Cake
Pecan MuffinPineapple Muffin       Apple Struddel
   Mini Danish            Mini Danish      Rugulah
  Blueberry Danish     Croissant    Cheese Stick
   Apricot Comb   Cinnamon Nut    Cinnamon Rolls
    Prune Danish      Guava  Almond Croissant
    Health Bar Fruit Croissant  Figure 8 Danish
    Lemon Puff Chocolate Melba     Lemon Melba
  Blueberry Scone Cherry Dumpling Chocolate Chip Horn
    Crumb Cake Chocolate Scone   Bread Pudding
     Bear Claw      Tea Cake Chocolate Mini Bundt

Raisin Bran Muffin
Muffin Flavors:
Apple Cinnamon, Banana,
Blueberry, Chocolate Chip,
Cranberry, Marble, Orange
Cranberry, Lemon
Sugar Free Muffins are also
available in many flavors.
Sugar Free Items
 Sugar Free TurnoverSugar Free Mousse

We offer sugar free
pies and other items.

Sugar Free Cookies
Double Chocolate
     Pineapple       Peach      Custard
      Pumpkin       Pecan       Apple
    French Apple        Cherry   Banana Cream